Devblog #1 – Our Project

Devblog #1 – Our Project

Devblog #1 – Our Project

Our start-up was founded in France and is called Forceight . We conceptualize and publish independent video games. We had several projects attempts ( racing game, platform game, Adventure game … ).


We search whenever simple but fun principles. That’s why we have focused on Slap The Fly , a multi-player game in which humans must catch a fly.

PewDiePieWe made a model of the game (pre alpha version) that we distributed free to the public. The game immediately began to make themselves known (Twitch streamers or even youtubers as SUP3R KONAR , Bodil40 , zbing z or PewDiePie). We decided to release a final version of the game based on the Unreal graphics engine.


What’s new in this alpha 2.0 version?

A larger variety of characters :

In this new version, you will have the choice to play with various humans and insects.

There are 3 humans skins and 4 Insects : fly, bee, spider and rat. Each of these characters has specific skills. Each of the humans has a secondary weapon. Each of the insects have particularities : The fly and the bee can fly, the spider can move weaving webs, the rat can bite humans.


A new insect customization tool :

Players will have the possibility to create their own insect. There are various options like head, body, sting…




New weapons available :

Various objects will spawn during each game : the mouse trap, the lamp fly swatter, the x ray glasses and the firethrower. Each of this weapons will help humans to kill Insects.



Interactions with elements :

You can interact with several elements of the map such as windows, doors, PNJ’s to add more fun to the game.


Many others features are coming soon. We will keep you updated weekly about the progress of the game in the dev blog on our website.

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