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In ZooKeeper Simulator, there are two teams: Zookeeper vs Animals. Zookeeper must maintain the park by carrying out missions while animals must prevent them utilizing violence and pure brutality.


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Slap The Fly !

You will embody a fly, a spider, a bee or a human. Your mission thus is to survive or to slap the fly !


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Discover Ball Out

Discover a crazy Motorcycle - Football game that combines reactivity and speed! In Ball Out, get on several vehicles and compete against your friends or other online players on various tracks with one goal in mind: score as many goals as possible! Gain experience and customize your equipment to show


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DEV Blog 4

DevBlog #4 – SlapTheFly Announcement and New Game Project !

DevBlog #4 – SlapTheFly Announcement and New Game Project !

Hello everyone ! This week, we’ve been working on a new Slap The Fly update (2.0.5) which is not yet available. This update will include many bug fixes and adding a new map available to all players. Reminder for Kickstarter backers: We offer […]

DEV Blog 5

DEVBLOG #5 – New mode on SlapTheFly !

DEVBLOG #5 – New mode on SlapTheFly !

New update ! Deathrun mode : Discover Deathrun mode in which humans must place traps along a level that insects must avoid and try to finish the course. Humans can place automatic traps or activatable ones in a horror ambiance. […]